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"Let there arise out of you a GROUP of PEOPLE Inviting to all that is Good,
Enjoining Good & Forbidding Evil." - Quran 3:104

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Whomsoever guides towards a goodness, will get virtues equal to the one who performs that goodness.' [Muslim].

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Medina Gallery - Unseen Pics of Gumbad e Khizra, Doors, Roza Mubarak, Sunehri Jaaliyaan, Terrace and Many many more pics

Updated Dargah : Khuladabad, Guntur, Palghar, Bellary.

Son of Hazrath Khwaja Bande Nawaz (Gulbaraga) - Shrine of Hazrat Syed Shah Khatal Husseni (r.a.), Khuldabad.

Hazrat Syedna Bahruddin Quadri and Maualana Shah Ansari Shuttari, Daulatabad, GHARIB was his lakab. it was given by NIZAMUDDIN AULIA.

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Exclusive pics of Safaa Marwaa - Unseen for more pics click here

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Dargah in Punjab - Erected by Jinns in One Night

Dargah in Lidder Valley, Pahalgam Kashmir. Watch Video and Pics

More Dargahs of Kashmir, Mahboobnagar

Tomb of Hazrat Al Shaikh Bahauddine (rehmatullah alaih) - China

Seven Mazars on a Hill in Worli, Mumbai. Hill Road

New Video Section - Collection of Best Videos Of Mazars from YouTube

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In the village of Khuldabad, near Aurangabad, known as the Valley of the Sufi Saints, a visit to the shrine of Syed Shah Jalal Ud Din, also known by his epithet Ganj Rawan Ganj Baksh (which means flowing treasure) is a must. There are many interesting facts which are locally known about this Saint and his powers. This shrine overlooks the Pariyon Ka Talab, the waters of which also have healing properties, and the ill can bathe in the same.

Near the shrine are two trees, one is said to have grown from the Saint’s staff. It is located behind the shrine. The other, in front of the shrine, is an offshoot of the original tree. Click here to read more Khulalabad

Allah's Apostle (sallala hu ali wasslam) said, "We (Muslims) are the last (to come) but (will be) the foremost on the Day of Resurrection though the former nations were given the Holy Scriptures before us. And this was their day (Friday) the celebration of which was made compulsory for them but they differed about it. So Allah gave us the guidance for it (Friday) and all the other people are behind us in this respect: the Jews' (holy day is) tomorrow (i.e. Saturday) and the Christians' (is) the day after tomorrow (i.e. Sunday)."

Islamic Dates/Day/Time/Place
12th Rabbi-ul-Awwal, Monday, Early in the morning (before sun rise) at Makkah

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Aulia's are the chosen Friends of Allah. They are the one who have drunk from the fountain of eternal life during their life time on earth. They are those devotee and sincere bondsman on the earth who remember Allah ceaselessly and spend their life seeing inner purification through endeavor, toil, abstinence and prayer. They are the one who cease to depend on the "creation" and give them selves unto the creator, seeking sustenance from sources unimaginable, attain nearness to the divine light through constant worship and service to humanity. Their journey is endless. They are shore less sea with out any bottom and craving for Allah with out any limits.

Each part of their body is completely rid of non-divine influence. Their heart become like a clean mirror reflecting back the reality of things. Their judgment does not err. Being giving the divine light, they see the things in their true perspective. They see every thing including Angles, Souls, Divine Thorns, the "Lohe-e-Mahfooze", the guarded tablet in the seventh Heaven containing records of all events distinct to take place from the beginning to the end of the universe. They see the past, the present and the future before them. click here to read more about Aulia Allah

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