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Hazrath Khwaja Bande Nawaz

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1. Hazrath Khwaja Bande Nawaz :: 2. Hazrath Khwaja Nadeemullah Hassaini
3. Hazrath Khwaja Habeebullah Hassaini
4. Hazrat Khalifatul Rehman
:: 5. Langoat Bandh (RA) :: 6. Ladle Mashyak


Entrance of Dargah shariff

Enterance-Gulbarga Shareef Dargah


Hazrath Khwaja Bandanawaz Gesudaraz(Rh)
Born on the 13th of July 1321 / 4th ::
Passed away on the 1st of November 1422 / 16th Dhu al-Qadah 825

1. Hazrath Khwaja Bande Nawaz Khwaja Bande Nawaz was a famous Sufi Saint from India who advocated understanding, tolerance and harmony among various religious groups. Khwaja Bande Nawaz was born in Delhi in 1321. At the age of 4, his family shifted to Daulatabad in Maharashtra. In 1397, he went to Gulbarga, Karnataka at the invitation of Sultan Feroz Shah Bahmani. Bande Nawaz authored about 130 books in Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages.

Although he is popularly known as Hazrat Khwaja Bande Nawaz Gesu Daraz, his real name was Syed Mohammed Hussaini. At the age of 15, he returned to Delhi and stayed for his education and training by the famous Sufi Saint Hazrat Chirag Dehli, who bestowed him with his Khilafath and succession after about fifteen years.

He was also a very enthusiastic student of Hazrat Kethli, Hazrat Tajuddin Bahadur and Qazi Abdul Muqtadir. After teaching at various places such as Delhi, Mewath, Gwalior, Bhander, Aircha, Chatra, Chanderi, Miandhar, Baroda and Khambayat, he returned to teach at his base, Gulbarga, in 1397 and died in the year 1422.

100 year old pic of Gesudaraz

His Arabic language Tafseer of five Koranic sections (Juz) and explanations in margins are well preserved. Other books authored are: "Avarif-al-Mavarif", "Fasoos-al-Hukm","Qaseeda Amali" and "Adaab-al-Mureedein".

People from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble even today to celebrate the urs (which takes place on the 15th day of Zikhaida of Muslim calendar conducted in his name at the famous Bande Nawaz Darga in Gulbarga every year.

It is a majestic tomb remaining in the north side of the old fort city, and is said to have been built in 1420 for a famous Sufi saint of this area named Bandeh Nawaz Gesu Daraz. However, it is said that this tomb was not actually used. The four walls are divided into two tiers, and on each wall there are arch-shaped entrances and windows at the centre and two arch-shaped niches with circular patterns at the upper part in right and left: it is a grand exterior.

Small kiosk-like architecture at the four corners of the roof surrounding dome has an interesting structure, possessing an entrance with a stair. What is more remarkable is the squinch seen inside and the double lines of lotus petals under the ceiling, and small arch-shaped niches forming a small line above the lotus petals. This unique decoration is not seen in any other buildings. (Matsuo Ara)

More information : The dargah of the enlightened Saint Hazrath Khwaja Bandanawaz Gesudaraz (Rh) lies in Gulbarga a district situated in the Deccan Plateau located in the northern Karnataka, India. The dargah encompasses of the mausoleum of a saint who taught love, amity and devotion. A saint who looked upon everyone else as equal and was never bias, where as he did not see who they were, what they wore, which language they spoke, or what beliefs they held.

His masoluem continues to send out a message of spirituality, integrity, and harmony to this day. It is a sanctuary where people from all walks of life, irrespective of religion or sect, caste or creed, come to pay homage and find peace around them and within. Today, after six hundred years, the dargah of Gesudaraz strives to maintain the atmosphere that his khanqah (monastery) was always knowned for.

View Inside Gulbarga Shareef.

Dargah : The word 'Dargah', in Persian, means a courtyard. As a technical term of Sufism, it implies a courtyard surrounding the shrine of a saint. This shrine may or may not have a dome structure over it. The dargah of Gesudaraz has a huge dome structure over it.

Like other Chishti monasteries, the khanqah (monastery) of Gesudaraz at Gulbarga is broad based. People from all backgrounds have always been welcomed and greeted with respect. Instances of the saint holding religious discussions with the yogis and brahmans are known, and his teachings had a tremendous impact on contemporary religious and social life.

He taught people to be particularly kind and affectionate towards each other. The hundreds who visit the dargah of Gesudaraz regularly on a daily basis and the hundreds of thousands who come during the Urs, meet in an atmosphere of amity and harmony, that is immaterial of the languages they speak and the rituals they perform. Driven by faith, the visitors are comforted with a solution, be it a peace of mind, cure for a sickness, or any other problem. And those who seek God, find Him here.

The dargah of Gesudaraz comprises of over 100 rooms for accomodation. These rooms are usually booked a month prior to the Urs, since people from all parts of India wish to attend this sacred event. These bookings are made through letters sent by postal mail requesting for a room and are addressed to the Sajjada Nasheen at the dargah address.

URS : With regard to Prophet Yahya, Allah says "Peace Be Upon Him on the day he was born, and on the day he died and on the day he will be risen (here after)." (Quran, sura Maryam, v. 15)

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to pay a visit each year at the shrines of the Martyrs of the war of Uhad. On the authority of the above, Urs is celebrated once every year on the day Sufis Die

Mazar e Shareef of Beloved Sons of Hazrat Khwaja Banda Nawaz (RA).

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem.

Allahumma Salle "Ala Syedina Muhammadin Wa 'Ala Aalihi Syedina Muhammadin Wa Barik Wa Sallim.

Hazrat Khwaja Banda Nawaz Syed Muhammad Al-Hassani Al-Hussaini Gesu-Daraaz Buland Parvaaz Namudaan-e-Sarfaraaz ( Shahinshah-e-Daccan-ul-awliya ) ( Khwaja-e-Daccan)Qaddas Allahu Sirra ul Azeez

His name as well as patronymic was Abul-Fatah (RA) and Gesu Daraaz (RA) his title. Among the scholars and theologians he was Sheikh Abul-Fatah Sadr Uddin Muhammad Dehlavi but people called him Khawaja Banda Nawaz Gesu-Daraaz (RA).

He was the descendant of Hazrat Ali ( Karam Allahu Wajhu ). His forefathers resided in Hirat. One of them came to Delhi and settled down here. Hazrat Sheikh Muhammad (RA) was born here on 4, Rajab, 721 Hijri. His father Hazrat Syed Yousuf-bin-Ali alias Syed Raja (RA) was a holy figure and devoted to Hazrat Nizam Uddin Aulia (RA).

Sultan Muhammad-bin Tughlaq once transferred his capital to Daulatabad (Devgiri) and along with him went many scholars, theologians, and mystics. His parents also migrated to the place. He was four years at the time Malik-ul-Umar Hazrat Syed Ibrahim Mustafa, his maternal uncle, was the governor of Daulatabad.

Childhood and Early Education
From the very beginning his father put him on the right track i.e. to learn and to study and gave him his early education. From his childhood he was inclined towards Religion and spent time in meditation and prayer. He was ten when his father died and his maternal grand father assumed the responsibility of his education and training and taught him initial books but he took lessons on "Misbah" and "Qadoori" from another teacher.

Again in Delhi
On the expiry of her father his mother grew angry with her brother, and returned to Delhi. He was fifteen at the time. He had heard a lot about Hazrat Nizam Uddin Auliya (RA) and Hazrat Nasir Uddin Roshan Chiragh Dehlavi (RA) from his father and maternal grand father and grew devoted to them. One day he went to say his prayer in the Jama-Majid of Sultan Qutub Uddin, there he saw Hazrat Sheikh Nasir Uddin Mahmud Chiragh Dehlavi and pledged Obedience to him on 16, Rajab.
Completion of Outer and intrinsic studies.
Under the guidance of Hazrat Nasir Uddin Chiragh Dehlavi (RA) he engaged himself in prayers and meditation and so much enjoyed them that lie forbade studies and requested his teacher to allow him to do so. Hazrat Nasir Uddin (RA) strictly denied him permission and instructed him to study with attention Usool-e-Bizoori, Risals Shamsia, Kashaf, Misbah so he restarted the studies under the guidance of renowned teachers. Maulana Syed Sheriff Uddin Kaithli, Maulana Taj Uddin Muqaddam and Maulana Qazi Abdul Muqtadir and qualified for the degree at the age of nineteen.

Title Gesu-Daraaz (RA)
One day he with other disciples lifted the palanquin bearing Hazrat Nasir Uddin (RA). His long hair stuck into the foot of the palki and pained him severely but he did not disentangle them for love and respect to the teacher. When Hazrat Nasir Uddin learnt of the episode, he was overjoyed and recited the Persian couplet

Har ki murid Syed gesu daraaz shud
Vallah khilaf-e-nest ki Uoo ishq baaz shud.

(Meaning: "Syed Gesu Daraazhas pledged his obedience; there is nothing wrong in it because he has deeply fallen in love)."

After this incidence he was entitled Gesu-Daraaz (RA).

He was a great scholar on material as well as spiritual subjects. He left many books. It is said, he was the first writer of a magazine on mysticism in Urdu. He wrote about 100 books on Persian and Arabic. Some of them are:
Tafseer (Commentary)-e-Qu'Orane-e-Majeed.
Havashi Kashaf.
Shairah Fiqah-e-Akbar.
Shairah Adab-Ul-Murideen.
Shairah Ta-arruf.
Risala Sirat-Ul-Nabi.
Tarjuma Mashareq.
Tarjuma Awarif.
Sharah Fasoosul Hukm.
Tarjuma Risala Qerya,
Hawa Asahi Quwwat-Ul-Qalb, etc. etc.

Stay at Gulbarga
Having lived for about 44 years in Delhi he went to Gulbarga. He was eighthly at that time. Firoz Shah Bahmani ruled over the Deccan during this period. He gave him much respect. For a long time he was engaged in religious discourses, sermons, and spiritual training of the people.

Wisal Mubarak
This great scholar, mystic, and the wonderful, guide attained an age of 104 years, died on 16 Ziqa'ad 825 Hijri in Gulbarga and buried there. His tomb is a place of pilgrimage for all the people, high as well as low.

Golden Quotes
If a Salik prays or meditates for fame, his is an atheist.
If one prays or meditates out of fear, he is a cheat and a hypocrite.
So long as a man disengages himself from all the worldly things, he would not step into the road of conduct.
Divide the night into three periods: in the first period say Darud and recitation; in the second sleep and in the third call His name and meditate.
The Salik should be careful in food it should be legitimate.
The Salik should abstain from the company of the worldly people.

you can also watch URS online at


For further information please contact :

M.A.Aziz Khan,
Mail : abdulaziz@netharbortech.com


Famous Qalander-e-Haq Hazrath Bah-uddin urf Langoat Bandh (RA). Hazrath Langoat Bandh (RA) Dargah is very near from Hazrath Banda Nawaz Baba (RA). . Hazrath Bah-uddin urf Langoat Bandh (RA) Hazrath's Dargah is also famous as Panch Gumbad and Panchees kalas. This Great Qalander is famous and on the mouths of all great lovers of auliyas.

Hazrath Bah-uddin urf Langoat Bandh (RA) was the contemparary of Hazrath khwaja Banda Nawaz Gezu Daraz (RA). Also Khwaja Banda Nawaz Baba (RA) has praised about this great Qalander whose dargah is in Gulbarga.


khaleel Ahmed Irfani ( Khadim Dargah-e-Khwaja Lalu Bhai Qasir Chisti ( Khwaja-e-Bangalore ) & Astan-e-Irfani Hyderabad.


Haz Syed Shah Hashim Md Mohd-ul Hussaina Almaruf haz Khawja Khudawada
khudanuma haddie reh,dargah e sharif chincholi tq gulberga dist karnataka
india.scince 329 years. His silsela goes upto haz khawja banda nawaz reh
gulberga. peer syed shah akbar md mohd-ul hassani al-hussaina chisty.sajjada
nashin & mutawalli,badi dargah-e-sharif chincholi tq gulberga dist.
karnataka, india


Ladle Mashyak: Hazrat Gaus Pak ke bahut ladle the is liye un ka naam Ladle Mashaik pada bahut badi mazar sharif hai, itni badi ki mumbai main koi bhi itni badi nahi hai.

When any one visits Hazrat Ladle Mashyak he should not miss the visit to Kali Masjid just opposite the Mazar and meet Hazrat Abdullah bawa he is a Buzurg of Arab. He has got nisbat from Makdoom Shah Baba earlier Abdullah bawa used to live in 7 bulnglows in mumbai with his family.

Mazar Akdas Of Ladle Mashayak its 2 hours from Gulbarga Sharif and
Khalifatir Rehman Also its 1.30 hrs from Gulbarga sharif. Mazar sharif of Laadle Mashayak is in Allan Sharif and the Mazar Sharif Of Khalifatur Rehman is on ferozabad road.

Mazar is in Alan Sahrif, Gulbargah se 80 km.

Our brother Mazhar Rehmani Contact him for further information : mazhar_rehmani@yahoo.co.in

Hazrath syed shah qubulullah mohammed mohammed-ul hussaini chishti, al maroof masjudul barq (ra) his (13th pusht) grand son of hazrath khawja banda nawaz gesudaraz (ra) gulbarga shareef,&(11th pusht)grand son hazrath syed shah abul faiz minallah mohd mohd-ul hussaini (ra) bidar shareef, dargah rozatul auliya pahaad at chandippa,shankar pally village,ranga reddy district, hyderabad,(ap) sajjada nasheen hazrath syed shah abul faiz moinuddin minallah mohd mohammed-ul hussaini chishti al barqi @ faiz sahab qibla, urs-e-shareef of hazrath masjudul barq (ra) is celebrate on the 5th & 6th of moharram al haram every year, thousands of people from almost all over ap and from abroad come to rozatul auliya pahaad chandippa,to visit the saint during the urs.


City/Town : Gulbarga : Gulbarga is a town in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is the administrative headquarters of Gulbarga District, and of Gulbarga Division. Gulbarga is 613 km north of Bangalore and well connected by road to Bijapur, Hyderabad and Bidar. A railway line connecting the southern part of India to Mumbai and Delhi passes through Gulbarga.

District :
State :

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